Green Future Associates CIC is a social enterprise and consultancy set up in 2016 by Jeremy Iles, a pioneering campaigner with 40 years of experience in the environmental sector in the UK.

  • We aim to provide practical routes to a more sustainable future.
  • We also develop and deliver collaborative projects. 

We have made steady progress with a range of clients from the National Lottery to a local allotment association, & with our work coordinating the Urban Agriculture Consortium since 2019.

The Urban Agriculture Consortium. Our mission is to support communities to upscale nature friendly urban farming and food growing as part of an integrated, resilient, and just food system. We are working to support regenearive agroecology in response to climate and health emergencies, Brexit and food insecurity. We have been working with a range of partners & pathfinder places since autumn 2020. Great progress in being made as people and ocmmunities grasp the opportunites for regenerative urban agroecology in response to the climate emergenct. and see next page.

We are also working on an oral history project of the green movement since 1980 and developing links with The British Library and others.

Green Future? We are in the middle of a perfect storm of emergencies: climate, biodiversity, obesity, food insecurity, invasion and ongoing concerns over Covid-19. Things are tough right now, but we must use this crisis to make long-term adjustments to our lifestyles and be more sustainable and locally minded, including growing more food in urban areas.  For now it is important that we all stay safe.

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