Introducing Maddy Longhurst

We are pleased to introduce Maddy Longhurst who has joined the team on the Urban Agriculture Consortium project. Maddy has worked supporting emergent and pioneering projects for many years and brings skills in community organisation, sociocracy, project management, systems emergence and collaborative earth care.

She says: ‘I, and many many others, are sensing a tipping point coming over the horizon, one that has been brought in to being by millions of loving, dedicated intentions and actions for, as they say, the better world our hearts know is possible. Food is the most critical issue where humans ability to continue to exist here will be decided. The industrialisation of agriculture has for millennia preceded social and ecological crises and has now backed humanity as a whole into a corner from which our only escape is global transition to regenerative food production systems at all scales that heal the earth, as well as our minds and bodies from the damage wrought. I am constantly amazed by the ingenuity and dedication of people in this sector, especially the farmers and growers themselves, who are on the front line and those forging new stories, tempting, educating and cajoling everyone, from policy makers to families in nutritional poverty towards reconnection with the life of the soil that is the source of our own lives; moving us from What is to What if….?

I’m really pleased to be working on this project with all our partners and doing my part to accelerate us towards the tipping point and into the world beyond.