UAC – one year in. Evaluation, collaboration, vision…

“Now is a great time to be pushing for regenerative agriculture and localised (and decarbonised) supply chains – the spotlight has been shone!” (Brighton & Hove Food P-ship. UAC 1 yr gathering).

We are really pleased to report that the Evaluation of our 1st year has been very positive! It was a light touch process based on conversations with 13 members of the UAC from across the UK. Themes focussed on:

  • Engagement with UAC Vision
  • Project Value
  • Stakeholder level of involvement
  • Assessment of governance
  • The future of UAC.

You can read the full evaluation here 

Thnaks to #Hannah Lyons-Tsai for her excellent evaluation report. We highly recommend her!

We also held an excellent Wider Interest Group (WING) gathering on 20 May with 28 participants – current and future UAC members, currently and potential future collaborators, and members of the oversight and coordinating group.

At the event, one participant described UAC as a “model of convening a network of change-makers“. This gives us a great platform for the next 12 months. Another said: ‘It is enabling connections for us that we wouldn’t otherwise have accessed. Encouraging to reach out ad learn from other organisations and areas. Very supportive and empowering atmosphere’.

You can see here the unedited responses to these four questions that we asked at the gathering:

  • What do you like about what you’ve heard / your experience of UAC so far?
  • How do you see UAC connecting with and benefiting your work in 2021/22/23?
  • What do you think is the most interesting pattern / trend / opportunity or challenge emerging in UK urban agriculture in the coming year?
  • What do we (as a sector or network) need to converge aroung e.g. leverage points / challenges?

Here are the slides from Maddy’s presentation – an overview of UAC, it’s activity in Year 1 and emergent areas.